Australians are running on all fours - The latest fitness craze

Australians are running on all fours - The latest fitness craze

The latest fitness craze Innovation adds value to our lives, making it easier and more convenient. Every innovation brings with it something new, although some innovations take people by surprise. One of those people that has grabbed the worlds attention through unconventional innovation is Shaun McCarthy. He has designed and developed a new kind of workout that is totally out of the ordinary, but has yielded great results for people who have engaged in it. Lets learn more

'The game changer to personal fitness' – as McCarthy calls it

McCarthy has invented a hybrid between crawling and running that requires you to get down on all fours and run as fast as you can to engage upper body as well as core muscles and give a more all round body workout. There is actually a new term to label this bizarre kind of exercise called ‘crunning’.

Different views on crunning

Some argue crunning is a nightmare for your thighs, as it imposes particular strain on that body part. Many are puzzled by this invention and what exactly motivated him to create this workout. However, McCarthy claims due to its inherent merits, crunning is bound to revolutionise the fitness industry and will soon take the world by storm.
running on all fours

How it all started

McCarthy posted a video of himself crunning through Melbourne. Initially people thought it was a spoof, only to discover that it is in fact a serious kind of workout that has intrigued many and inspired a lot of fitness enthusiasts. McCarthy is convinced that crunning is set to gradually become a growing movement around the world, as it has a steadily growing fan-base in Australia.

It is a far better workout than jogging or running

Responding to questions on crunning in interviews, McCarthy says it is a more complete workout in comparison to jogging or running, because it requires a balanced utilization of the whole body. With the upper body engaged crunning resembles a thigh and shoulder workout. The number of calories burnt by crunning is consequently much higher than jogging and running.

Challenging views on crunning

There are many industry experts who have voiced their views on this new workout coming to fame. For instance, Kim Baylor, who is a licensed personal trainer, says that exercise that demands full body movement will only slowly strengthen the muscles engaged. Isolation exercises are much more beneficial for that. Experts also argue that humans have evolved so much from quadrupeds and because of their physical stature, are evidently not made to move on all fours like animals. Kevin Dean, a reporter at Gothamist, claims that human wrists are not strong enough to be exposes to the continuous pressure of crunning and even says that crunning is damaging to the nose, shoulders and wrists.

McCarthy calls crunning unique and first of its kind

Seeing its overwhelming popularity, we can say that crunning has the potential to turn into a global phenomenon. If executed correctly and with caution it has many benefits and can help people to their goals faster.

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